Friday, 9 December 2011

Modelled room in Maya :)

Before I properly started doing some modelling for my room, I really hated maya. But once I got into it, I found I really enjoyed modelling my room! Im more into the modelling side of things, rather than the actual animating. Tomorrow night i'm going to begin modelling a full house :). 

Character Design

This is the character design I did for my submission! Im really unhappy with it, I'm not very good at designing characters as I never have any ideas of what to draw. The last image, the arm is too long. I'm just generally not happy with it. 

Another Layout

I created this layout tonight, I was inspired by a TV show I saw about hawaii and the volcanoes they have there. :)

Some life drawing :)

I think this is one of my best life drawings, I really liked creating the shading with the oil paints :)

The head on this one is a bit small :P!

First ever Layout!

This is the first ever layout I created and the first ever drawing I did within photoshop.

Hello :)

I decided to make a more formal blog for my animation work! 

I'm going to post bits and pieces of my work that I like, or that I don't think are totally dreadful :P! 

I really want to try a lot harder with my work next year, as I think I kind of dossed about this year, and missed an opportunity to really become better! So this holiday I'm working hard to get my skills up, so next term I can try a lot harder :)